Our company was born as a commercial trade entity with a European scope in 1996, becoming progressively oriented to providing competency-development human resources solutions and management support to start- ups and SMEs.

With 17 years of experience as an international consultant in a Belgian education and training firm (BIEF), Alexia Peyser decided to transfer her expertise, know-how and international network to further reinforce our consulting offer.

Our expertise covers today training and curricula elaboration, assessment and support to training and education institutions in Belgium and worldwide thanks to a multidisciplinary and multicultural team of experts. We are proud to provide and deploy our expertise in English, French, Spanish, Arabic and Portuguese.

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Among our main strengths are:
Scientifically sound competency-based methodologies
Robust tools for education/training programs elaboration, assessment and monitoring
Technical support and steering of a large scope of capacity building projects

All the above, through an inclusive, people-oriented and contextualized perspective.

Scientifically sound competency-based methodologies.

We are highly experienced in elaboration and conception of curricula and training programmes based on internationally proven methodological tools such as:
- Post and training referentials (training engineering approach) for SVET programme improvements
- End and entry (competency-oriented) profiles, terminal and intermediate competencies structuring and evaluation systems through problem-situations for general (primary and secondary) education.
20 years experience on competency-based programmes implementation in Angola, Andorra, Burundi, Mozambique, Central America, Vasque country, Lebanon, Madagascar, Vanuatu, Cap Vert, & Chile among others.

Robust tools for education/training programs elaboration, assessment and monitoring.

Mastering curricular and training methodologies allows us to transfer these skills into enhancing of institutional competency-development/evaluation and the monitoing and assessment of training programmes and services.
- Large experience in customized "Train the trainer" modules elaboration to ensure adhesion and ownership of innovations by key stakeholders.
- Monitoring and evaluation devices based in Project Cycle Management logic (such as LogFrame logic), Theory of Change, Result-Oriented management (ORM) and OCDE assessment criteria schema among other scientific references.
15 years experience in Training and evaluating training programmes, education projects (applications and finals results) for institutions such as Erasmus + (French Belgian Agency), VLIR-UOS & “BTSF” training programme from DG Santé (EC).

Technical support and steering of a large scope of capacity building projects.

All the previous skills and technical education/training competences have been enriched by our sociological, psychological and anthropological background allowing us to broaden the scope of intervention to fields such as public health, project management and cooperation and development in general.
- Largely participative techniques based on a social constructivist approach and adult training theories so as to involve beneficiaries and end-users in all stages of the project conception and implementation. We strongly believe in making trainees active actors of their own learning processes.
- Concrete and "hands-on" vision of capacity building projects based on awareness raising, self-reflection and empowerment of beneficiaries through "research-action" tools (within a multidisciplinary perspective).
20 years of experience supporting capacity building programmes for several cooperation agencies, including ENABEL, as well as institutions such as UNESCO and UNICEF.

Alexia Peyser

Alexia Peyser PhD

Education and Training expert and external project evaluator/auditor.
Master in social development.

Thierry Evrard

Thierry Evrard PhD

Didactics and education expert.
Guest lecturer at UCLouvain.
Teachers Training Vinci School Professor (Belgium).

Elisa Araya Cortez

Elisa Araya Cortez PhD

Education expert and project manager.

Margarida Silva Santos

Margarida Silva Santos

Education and training expert.
Capacity building project manager.

Mohamed Miled

Mohamed Miled PhD

Emeritus professor of the University of Carthage (Tunisia), expert in language didactics and curricula elaboration/assessment.

Occasional collaborator.

Euphrasie Birigama

Euphrasie Bigirimana

MBA in economics and finances, expert in social entrepreneurship.

Alain Kock

Alain Kock

SVET curricula and programmes expert.
Social and professional partners training and Institutional management expert.

Gaëlle Hubert

Gaëlle Hubert PhD

Education projects expert and evaluator.

Baye El Hadj Amar

Baye El Hadj Amar

Curricula and education expert.

Christian Lannoye

Christian Lannoye

Senior Education and training expert and evaluator.

Marie-France Dehon

Marie-France Dehon

Education and training expert.

Martin Compaoré

Martin Compaoré

Education and programme evaluation expert.

Mónica Flores de Reichenbach

Mónica Flores de Reichenbach PhD

Expert in literacy acquisition and development and competency assessment.
Master in educational measurement, evaluation and research.

Nassim Haidar

Nassim Haidar PhD

Didactics in sciences and curricula education expert.

Alphonse Sebaganwa

Alphonse Sebaganwa PhD

Education and learning outcomes evaluation expert.

Mahdi Miled

Mahdi Miled PhD

Digital transformation and educational technologies expert.

Jonathan Enguta

Jonathan Enguta PhD

Educational psychologist, expert assessor of educational effectiveness and organizational creativity. Focal point of BIEFOR in DRC.

Chantal Petit

Chantal Petit

Senior gender-education and training expert. Local capacity-building specialist.

Thomas Manga

Thomas Manga

Adult’s educator. Adult training master’s student UClouvain.BIEFOR intern.

Thierry Hanon de Louvet

Thierry Hanon de Louvet

Manager and administrative CEO.

Jean-Marie De Ketele

Jean-Marie De Ketele

Jean-Marie De Ketele, emeritus professor of UCLouvain and internationally renown education expert in competency-based approach theory and methodology. Author of numerous books on research and education and training development. Co-founder of the former Bureau d’ingénierie en Education et Formation (BIEF).

François-Marie Gerard

François-Marie Gerard

François-Marie Gerard, international expert in learning assessment and textbook elaboration according to the competency-based approach. Ex-project manager and deputy Director of the former BIEF.

Publication by UNESCO of the BIEFOR Report on the evaluation of the quality of school textbooks.


BIEFOR is proud to share with the educational community the publication of the "Textbook quality assessment report for 6 sub-Saharan countries" produced by our team on behalf of CONFEMEN, UNESCO and AFD.

More information and the report itself can be found in the link below:
See file

New EFPEEN internship for primary inspector candidates from Benin.


Within the framework of a long-standing institutional collaboration, EFPEEN renews its trust in BIEFOR and sends its primary inspection candidates of the 2023-2025 promotion to a 4-week pedagogical internship in Belgium during the first semester of 2024.

Meeting at the symposium on women entrepreneurs of Alexia Peyser (BIEFOR) and Ms. Rigoberta Menchú, 1992 Nobel Peace Prize winner in Guatemala, Antigua - November 2023.


Within the framework of our director's tour of activities in Central America, BIEFOR had the privilege of participating and sharing with Ms. Menchú about education and gender in Antigua Guatemala.

Publication of a scientific article about MCQ and gender bias in la Revue L'Evaluation en Education – LEeE


"QCM à points négatifs au début de l’enseignement Universitaire: échecs abusifs et biais de genre"
Authors: François-Marie Gerard (BIEFOR), Jean-Marc Braibant et Etienne Billat (UCLouvain)
See file

Study on the capacity building needs of Trades Education Centers (CEM) supported by PACEJ-Burundi.

The technical support project includes the assessment of the training and infrastructure needs of 30 CEMs (rural and urban) supported by the PACEJ Programme from the world bank in Burundi.

March-July 2024.
Donor: World Bank.
Team involved: 5 BIEFOR experts.

Technical capacity building for the assessment of academic skills for school teachers in Guatemala.

Training program on competency-based approach and the development and testing of assessment tools. Guatemala City.

November 2023 - March 2024.
Funder: Fundación F. Novella.
Team involved: 1 BIEFOR expert.

BIEFOR project information capsule (competency training).

Strengthening the technical curricular capacities of the team of university (pedagogical) program designers at the Metropolitan University of Educational Sciences of Santiago de Chile.

Training program on competency-based approach and the development of an experimental process for the new university training programs for 20 disciplinary commissions.

October 2023 - March 2024.
Funder: UMCE.
Team involved: 1 BIEFOR expert.

Evaluation and reformulation of the Famiwal management contract.

The technical support project includes the evaluation of the implementation of the 2020-2024 management contract and support for the reformulation of the new 2025-2029 contract.

September 2023 - July 2024.
Funder: Famiwal.
Team involved: 2 BIEFOR experts.

Project supporting "The preparation and distribution of digital contents in public health in Burundi". PAORC-ENABEL.

March-November 2023.
Funder: Enabel.
Team of 3 BIEFOR experts involved.

Reassignment of selection committee membership for the Latin American cooperation proposal for VLIR-UOS funds (Belgian Flemish University cooperation), SI & TEAM Calls 2023-2024.

This renewed collaboration includes analyzing and evaluating interuniversity research proposals in varied fields (agronomy, forestry, water management, education, public health, transport and energy) from different countries of Latin America to 2023-2024 VLIR-UOS funds.

De Ketele, Jean Marie
Professeur emeritus UCLouvain (Faculté PSP et cofounder of BIEF).

Michèle Garant
Professeure emeritus UCLouvain et ex-directrice de l’IPM

Michel Bonami
Professeur emeritus UCLouvain (PSP)

Christian Duque
UCLouvain. Administration des relations internationales (ADRI)

Gert Janseens
African projects coordinator at ENABEL (Belgian cooperation agency)

Renato Opertti
Postgraduate Porgramme officer at Universidad Católica del Uruguay (UCU) / Ex Education officer at BIE-UNESCO

Mª del Mar Duque García
Lecturer Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Former director of Director of OAPEE (Organismo Autónomo de Programas educativos Europeos) and National coordinator Erasmus Mundus Programme

Peter de Lannoy
Latin American Project Manager at VLIRUOS (Flemish University cooperation progarmme)

BIEFOR project information capsule (competency training).

Novella Foundation, Guatemala 2023-2024.

Training Ikastolas education and curricula staff on the competency-based methodology.

Vasque Country, 2012.

Master class on competency-based curricula challenges, inauguration of the international Conference APRENDO 2017.

Santo Domingo.

Experts roundtable on competencies evaluation at APRENDO 2017.

Santo Domingo.

Dissemination TV advertisement on National television of the "Teacher's Training Master Plan implementation" sponsored by Chevron between 2010-2013.

Example of teachers’ training capsule (oral competences in French).

ENABEL-BIEFOR, Burundi 2019.

Webinare in learning evaluation at "French as a second language teaching in Algeria; practice and perspectives", F. Marie Gérard, February 2021.

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